About us

Ophiomics – Precision Medicine

Ophiomics offers innovative, added value, molecular diagnostic tests enabling a precision medicine, and supporting its services in an intensive Research & Development activity.

Ophiomics aims to support the clinicians in implementing a precision medicine, allowing them to support their patients in choosing the best lifestyles tailored to their genetic background, in defining personalised strategies for early detection of disease, in implementing tailored therapies and in following therapeutical response. Our know-how and advanced infrastructure allows us to offer more and better information to the clinician, in time to be clinically useful.

We focus on chronic diseases, including cancer. We offer tests based on DNA sequencing, where the starting sample is blood in the context of susceptibility, early detection and follow up studies, and tumor biopsies (fresh/FFPE) for pharmacogenomic tests.


Ophiomics has the ambition to help clinicians deliver a more precise medicine and this way enable a better patient care through the knowledge of the individual’s DNA.


Ophiomics is a molecular diagnostics and innovation company enabling preventive and personalised medicine. It develops and commercialises genetic and genomic tests focused on specific clinical decisions. It also develops research & development activity aimed at developing better services in support of a precision medicine.


At Ophiomics we believe that:

The best cure for any disease is prevention – preventive medicine.

Medical care needs to be tailored to the patient and its genetic make up or the tumor’s genetic make up – personalised/precision medicine.

Genomic, Bioinformatic and Statistical technological advances need to be at the service of medical care today, not in some distant future.

Only a clinician can help the patient (a layperson) to interpret and decide upon the genetic make up of a disease – medical genetics, not consumer genetics.

The clinical needs to have the latest, most scientifically relevant and internationally validate genetic/genomic information available to help the patient – evidence based medicine.

By committing to R&D, Ophiomics will offer better services to its clients – innovation.

That genetic/genomic tests should only be performed when relevant for the clinical decision clinical relevance.



  • Ophiomics Equipa

    José Pereira Leal, PhD

    José Pereira Leal, PhD, is a bioinformatician with close to 20 years professional experience, committed to translate the latest advances in Genomic and Bioinformatics research to improve clinical practice and patient care.


  • Ophiomics Equipa

    Joana Cardoso Vaz, PhD

    Joana Cardoso Vaz, PhD, is a specialist in cancer Genomics, with ample experience collaborating with clinicians, and with the ambition to translate advances in genomics to better patient care.


  • Ophiomics Equipa

    José Germano de Sousa, MD

    Dr. Germano de Sousa, MD, is a Clinical Pathologist and University Professor. With near 5o years of professional experience, he is committed to develop and offer molecular diagnostics enabling precision medicine.