Science-enabled Precision Medicine

Ophiomics develops advanced genetic and genomic tests in support of diagnostic, prognostic, pharmacogenomics and clinical follow up in cancer and other chronic diseases. Ophiomics was born from a collaboration between scientists and clinicians with a common purpose of bringing the latest advances in genomics, bioinformatics and clinical research in support of a precision medicine.

Personalized Oncology Chronic diseases Research

Precision Oncology

Cancer is a disease where alterations in the DNA, our genetic material, cause uncontrolled cellular proliferation, invasion leading to metastasis and resistance to chemotherapy. At Ophiomics we develop methods to identify and interpret these DNA alterations, offering insight and guidance to clinicians and patients based on national and international guidelines. Our tests can:

1) Evaluate the risk for specific cancer types, integrating genetic susceptibility with lifestyle factors according to validated risk models - cancer risk.

2) Identify molecular alterations in specific cancer types that inform on susceptibility or resistance to specific chemotherapies - pharmacogenomics.

3) Evaluate the patient’s response to therapy through liquid biopsies, permitting early detection of recurrence - response to therapy.


Chronic Disease

Chronic diseases are the most important cause of mortality worldwide, according to the World Health Organisation. They are caused by the interaction between genetic factors and the environment, and highly modulated via lifestyle options. Ophiomics develops test that can:

1) Identify the risk for specific chronic diseases where the genetic component is a major determinant of morbidity - risk.

2) Susceptibility or resistance to pharmacological intervention, enabling the definition of preventive and therapeutical approaches aimed at preventing or delaying manifestation of the disease, as well as minimizem its effects - prevention and pharmacogenomics.

Research & Development

Ophiomics is committed to innovation, conducting and participating in research projects aiming at developing better diagnostic services, better able to serve the patient and the medical community. This research is conducted at Ophiomics and in collaboration with clinical and academic centres.


About us

Ophiomics - Precision Medicine

Ophiomics offers added value molecular diagnostics in support of a precision medicine, basing its offer on an intensive Research & Development activity.

Ophiomics aims to support the clinicians in implementing a precision medicine, allowing them to support their patients in choosing the best lifestyles tailored to their genetic background, in defining personalised strategies for early detection of disease, in implementing tailored therapies and in following therapeutical response.

Our know-how and advanced infrastructure allows us to offer more and better information to the clinician, in time to be clinically useful.


  • Ophiomics

    José Pereira Leal, PhD

    Executive Director

    José Pereira Leal, PhD, is a bioinformatician with close to 20 years professional experience, committed to translate the latest advances in Genomic and Bioinformatics research to improve clinical practice and patient care.


  • Ophiomics

    Joana Cardoso Vaz, PhD

    Scientific Director

    Joana Cardoso Vaz, PhD, is a specialist in cancer Genomics, with ample experience collaborating with clinicians, and with the ambition to translate advances in genomics to better patient care.


  • Ophiomics

    José Germano de Sousa, MD

    Clinical Director

    Dr. Germano de Sousa, MD, is a Clinical Pathologist and University Professor. With near 5o years of professional experience, he is committed to develop and offer molecular diagnostics enabling precision medicine.



Ophiomics is based in Lisbon, in the Technology Park Polo Tecnológico de Lisboa, in Telheiras. We are localised in the central laboratory building of the Centro de Medicina Laboratorial Germano de Sousa.
We have the most advanced laboratories and dedicated spaces for scientific meetings, side by side with a space and staff dedicated to offering our customers the highest comfort when they come to Ophiomics for their blood collections.



Pólo Tecnológico de Lisboa
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