Building a better future for cancer patients
Developing Dx tools for early cancer detection and selection of the best curative treatments.

Ophiomics- Precision Medicine

Ophiomics is an ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified, clinical-stage Medtech company developing cutting-edge diagnostic products and services integrating bioinformatics, artificial intelligence and genomics in support of diagnostic, prognostic, treatment selection and clinical follow-up in oncology.


Vision & Mission

Our vision: To lead the world in cancer diagnostics and transform the future of healthcare.

Our Mission: We are committed to revolutionizing cancer diagnostics worldwide by leveraging the power of AI and genomics to develop a cutting-edge portfolio of technology-driven, cost-effective products with a massive global impact, significantly enhancing health outcomes.


We create practical tools to empower clinicians’ decisions at crucial stages in the cancer patient journey, where preventative or curative interventions are possible.


We leverage the power of genomics and Machine Learning to discover novel biomarkers that address unmet clinical needs.


We integrate biomarkers and clinical variables through cutting-edge machine-learning algorithms, creating solutions to support clinicians’ decisions.


Our end-products – IVD medical devices – are designed to seamlessly integrate into routine clinical practice, ensuring accessibility and ease of adoption


We value partnerships with clinicians, academia, patients, and companies, to build upon and advance our approaches, seeking improved outcomes for all.

Jose Leal, PhD (CEO)

José Pereira Leal, PhD, is an Innovator, Scientist, Entrepreneur and medtech and precision medicine enthusiast. A bioinformatician with close to 30 years professional experience, having broad and impactful scientific experience at leading Europe, UK and USA institutions, a leader of research infrastructures and a serial entrepreneur in the areas of biodefense, drug development, clinical diagnostic services and medtech. His personal motto is “better life through technology”. 

Joana Vaz, PhD (CSO)

Joana Cardoso Vaz, PhD, is a cancer genomics specialist, with extensive experience in collaborating with clinicians, spanning the journey from biomarker discovery to clinical diagnosis. Her credentials include an MSc in Human Genetics from the School of Medicine of the University of Lisbon (Portugal) and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Leiden (Netherlands). Her impactful work encompasses diverse areas within cancer genomics for more than 20 years in academia, and she has led the establishment of a pioneering platform for clinical testin in precision oncology, pioneering for example ccfRNA sequencing in the clinical context. Driven by innovation, she strives to apply her technical knowledge to invent new medical products that can enhance and ultimately save the lives of cancer patients.

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Postal address (Headquarters):

Pólo Tecnológico de Lisboa, Rua Cupertino de Miranda, 9 – Lote 8, 1600-513 – Lisboa

Lab address:

Pólo Tecnológico de Lisboa, Rua António Champalimaud, Lote 1 (sala 14), 1600-514 – Lisboa

Tlf.: +351 211 369 829