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Our approach

New in vitro diagnostics medical devices are essential in oncology to improve early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes. Finding biomarkers that are clinically relevant and effective in a real-world setting is a challenging process that requires rigorous testing and validation. Deploying them in a usable, validated and cost-effective format is a challenge on its own. 

At Ophiomics we developed a unique approach to biomarker discovery and development centred around addressing strong clinical questions and minimising technical, clinical, and commercial uncertainties, enabling us to maximize the chances of bringing impactful products to market and positively impacting patients’ lives. We conceptualise our approach in three stages, as illustrated below.

Novel solutions for unmet clinical needs

We are an innovation-driven company developing novel diagnostics-directed technologies (see here for our Dx technology development) and Dx precision oncology solutions. On the latter we discover feasible biomarkers using our tried and tested bioinformatics data-mining pipeline, harnessing large volumes of omics data. Our focus are nuclei-acid-based biomarkers, including fragmented nuclei acids from liquid biopsies or FFPE tissues. We transform statistical signals into predictive algorithms using our expertise in Machine Learning. The output of this stage are product-prototypes, including a biomarker-based decision algorithm with well-defined predictive variables, paired with a laboratory assay design, and respective proof of concept results (TRL4). 

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Transforming discoveries into market-ready IVD products

We use a standardised process to transform proof of concept-level essays into fully industrialised and market-ready products. We build on top of our proprietary technological platforms NOLO-Express and HYSEN-Liquid to develop full prototypes in as little as 6 weeks. Our product prototypes are developed in our ISO 13485 – certified pilot manufacturing facility, supported by our R&D laboratory in clinical validation studies. 

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Bringing meaningful products to market

We firmly believe that early commercial validation is critical for the success of any Dx product and aim to reduce the market uncertainty as early as possible. To this aim we devise strategies for early clinical prototyping of our products and seek direct market feedback through collaborative relationships with other companies, including Dx distributors.

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Ophiomics Pipeline

Clinical need Product Sample Discover Develop Validate Commercialise
Liver cancer patient stratification for transplantation FFPE
Diagnosis and prognosis of Barrett's Esophagus FFPE
Liquid biopsy for ealy liver cancer detection in cirrhotic patients Blood