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DNA methylation fingerprint of hepatocellular carcinoma …

As part of our Liquid Biopsy development pipeline, we are identifying biomarkers and developing algorithms that can change the way liver cancer is detected and managed. The first paper for our liver cancer early detection liquid biopsy test is out, and can be found here.

From the abstract: “… Combining our signature of 38 DNA methylation regions, we derived a HCC detection score which confirmed the utility of our approach by identifying in an independent dataset 96% of HCC tissue samples with a precision of 98%, and most importantly successfully separated cfDNA of tumour samples from healthy controls. Notably, our risk score could identify cell-free DNA samples from patients with other tumours, including colorectal cancer. Taken together, we propose a comprehensive HCC DNA methylation fingerprint and an associated risk score for detection of HCC from tissue and liquid biopsies.”

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