HepatoPredict can reduce costs associated to liver transplantation

What is HepatoPredict?

HepatoPredict is an in vitro prognostic test that predicts the likelihood of a patient with HCC to benefit from liver transplantation. The test integrates molecular biomarkers from the tumor with clinical parameters into a machine learning algorithm. The result is given to the clinician in a clear and self-explanatory report.

Economic weight of liver transplantation in HCC

Liver Transplantation (LT) is a complex and expensive surgery presenting a significant economic burden to healthcare systems. In addition to surgery expenses, there are associated costs to professional and hospital services, costs of keeping patients on the waiting list, costs related to organ uptake and preparation of donor surgery in case of living donor transplantation1. Also, there are heavy costs linked to essential required medication post-surgery.

HepatoPredict can reduce overall costs of liver transplantation

By helping clinicians better identifying those patients that will benefit from liver transplantation, HepatoPredict promotes more effective organ allocation reducing healthcare system costs mostly associated to ineffective surgeries, professional and hospital services, and post-LT medication. This test diminishes cancer recurrence rates of transplanted patients which also impacts on costs associated to extra medical care in these cases.

Besides, patients that are ineligible for LT can be earlier redirected to more adequate treatments which impacts greatly on economic efforts presented to healthcare systems.

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1 Villafuerte et al (2022) Economic Evaluation of Liver Transplantation as Tools for Decision-Making and Implications in Clinical Practice. doi: 10.5772/intechopen.104903