Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of Ophiomics is:

  • Maintaining a quality vision throughout Ophiomics by focusing on continuous improvement of our products, services and processes;
  • Providing a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives;
  • Involving all Ophiomics’s employees and suppliers in the delivery of compliant cancer prognosis, diagnosis and treatment products and services aiming the customer and interested parts satisfaction as well as user and patient safety;
  • Careful selection of suppliers, sub-contractors and partners;
  • Focusing on continuous R&D to guarantee the optimization of our products and services and the development of new cutting-edge products, by understanding and meeting the requirements and the needs of our customers;
  • Focus on the unmet medical needs in early diagnosis and patient stratification for therapeutical approaches;
  • Combine big data analysis and proprietary machine learning algorithms to identify and pre-validate optimal biomarker panels and decision models;
  • Meeting all current requirements for national, European and other, relevant regulations;
  • Meeting the requirements and continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system under ISO 13485 and ISO 9001;
  • Ensuring data protection and confidentiality of information are considered essential;
  • Guaranteeing to patients the confidentiality of information related to their personal process;